The Goddess Shield Earrings

The Goddess Shield Earrings


"THE GODDESS EARRINGS" Awakening the Goddess energy from within. 


The Goddess Earrings are handmade from Bare Copper wire, Copper beads and Blue lustered seed beads. Antiqued and polished to enhance the wire wrapping design. The Goddess Earrings are 2.5cms long and 4cm long with earwires and 2.5cms wide at the widest point.  A complimentary polishing cloth is supplied with each piece 


Copper wire wrapping is one of the oldest and most ancient forms of jewellery making and has been found within the tombs and pyramids of Egypt.


The elemental alchemy symbol for Copper is also the planetary symbol for Venus both the planet and the Goddess of Love Aphrodite. The island of Cyprus is the home of Venus, Aphrodite and Copper where it has been mined since records begain. Mary Magdelene is also assoicated with Venus and through her teachings she created the Book of Love..

According to Ayurveda copper vessels have the power to harmonise and charge the contents to bring balance and well-being to the mind & body, alongside many other healing properties.


- Boost immunity
- Anti-bacteria
- Helps to regulate the thyroid gland
- Anti-inflammatory properties,
especially helpful for arthritis & joint pain
- Help to clear skin
- Increases circulation
- Assist digestive system


Material - Copper Wire,  copper beads & transparant lustered teal seed beads.
Dimmension - 2.5cms x 2.5cms
Earwires - Copper