~ The Earth Keeper ~

Light encoded jewelry. The Earth Keepers Collection is for those who are called to work with the earth element and medicines, the healers, the keepers and custodians of the land, the plant's lovers, and for all others that are drawn to the mystical charm of the engraved Light Code.

~ The Anchor Light Code Amulet ~


The Sacred Anchor Light Code brings about balance and grounding to the wearer, The light code anchors a frequency that enables the wearer to feel the presence and be grounded in that very moment when the mind becomes uneasy. The light code offers ascents of hope, strength, and security when all else feels unbalanced. 

~ Description ~

The Amulets are handcrafted from local Solid Sycamore Wood here in the United Kingdom. The Amulet comes with an adjustable hemp cord rope enabling the wearer to adjust the length accordingly. Handcrafted and food-grade organic walnut oil is applied to the finished product.

~ The Sycamore Tree ~

The Sycamore tree is considered a symbol of protection, harmony, prosperity, strength, and love. Its carries the energy of both masculine and feminine, connecting to the air and water elements.  A tree of Ancestral and Earth Wisdom assists with balance and grounding. Call upon the energy of the Sycamore tree.